Headshot by  Texture Photo

Headshot by Texture Photo

I’ve always had a natural desire to make. My first memory of making something for someone else was in 2nd grade. I would create construction paper planners (insert my love of office supplies/paper goods/organization here too!) with customized illustrations on the cover. I loved the idea of making something with my hands & imagining the joy it would bring to others.

Flash forward to now - where I see every part of life as an opportunity to make something. A new baby’s room. An illustration of a special moment. A treat for someone you appreciate. An outfit you feel confident in. A cozy space to rest your head. A strong relationship. A photo that captures a person, time, event, brand or feeling. A story for a child’s ears. A mood at any given time. A routine for your skincare. I believe every part of life is made. What you will find here is what I have made - from art, to home styling, to the life I live.

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