MATERNITY SKINCARE ROUNDUP | Viklund Made Brittany Viklund Watercolor Artist Portrait Painter Brand Photographer Interior Styling Motherhood Blog Oklahoma City Custom Wedding Gift Illustration

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of my favorite skincare products that I have used this pregnancy & intend to use as I transition to postpartum life. From combating hormonal breakouts, to stretch marks, to dry skin these have become my go-tos. P.S. If you want to see what my previous evening skincare routine has been check out this blog post

Please note: I do my best to research & use products that I feel comfortable with. I use the Think Dirty app to help me better understand the ingredients in my products but I am also somewhat laid back about things from time to time as well (except for animal cruelty- that’s where I have become more of a stickler about my products). If products & ingredients are important to you be sure to do your own research as well into selecting products that you are comfortable with. For the most part, these products rate low in toxicity on the Think Dirty app (that’s a good thing!) & the items that rank higher in toxicity are often due to fragrance- which is not something I have completely eliminated from my life, just as an FYI.

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This post is not sponsored in any way; these are my honest & genuine thoughts. A couple of the products I was gifted (Bio-Oil & Mustela) but have been under no obligation to share them however, I have come to love them.

MATERNITY SKINCARE ROUNDUP | Viklund Made Brittany Viklund Watercolor Artist Portrait Painter Brand Photographer Interior Styling Motherhood Blog Oklahoma City Custom Wedding Gift Illustration


GLOSSIER SUPER PURE SERUM In my previous skincare routine post I shared that I was using super glow religiously. When I transitioned to being pregnant I swapped out super glow for super pure, which is formulated with the ability to soothe redness & combat blemishes. Knowing my skin can be a roller coaster with pregnancy hormones I committed to using this every night (& some mornings) after I wash my face & before applying my moisturizer. I am very happy to report that through the past 37 weeks of my pregnancy I have had 3-4 blemishes pop up in total! I plan to continue using it regularly to combat postpartum hormonal skin as well & hopefully I will have the same luck.

GLOSSIER MILKY JELLY CLEANSER This face wash is my go to always, so when thinking about caring for my skin through this pregnancy I wanted this to remain consistent. It removes makeup & keeps my sensitive skin hydrated & balanced.

LUSH GREASE LIGHTENING In the rare event that I did have a blemish this stuff does wonders. I just apply a little dab of it to the spot at night & by morning it’s dried up. It has witch hazel & tea tree oil in it, which are well known blemish busters.

GLOSSIER PRIMING MOISTURIZER RICH Since the majority of this pregnancy has occurred in the winter months I have had exceptionally dry skin. I use this moisturizer night & day to keep my face well hydrated. It also smells like lavender & that’s a total dream.

GLOSSIER SUPER BOUNCE In times of excess dryness I have been using this serum in the mornings after I was my face & before I apply my moisturizer. It has hyaluronic acid in it, which is designed to bring the moisture from the air into your skin.

GLOSSIER BALM DOTCOM Again, with combating the dryness, this sits on my bedside table & I apply it nightly to extra dry spots (which I have oddly had in excess on my knees and ankles). I use the mint flavor on my lips because I love how soothing & cooling it is & I use the original formula for my body & cuticles. I just grabbed another tube to stash in my hospital bag as well!

GLOSSIER SOLUTION This is one of the newest products to my routine & I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. I swapped out the witch hazel toner I have been using for years to give this a try, as I am thinking ahead to the transition my skin will face postpartum. It’s a chemical exfoliator & for someone who has very sensitive skin it has been amazing so far. I apply two pumps to a round cotton pad & swipe it along my face each night after I wash it (& before I apply serum & moisturizer). Even after a shower & a day of not even wearing makeup the cotton round will still have build up on it- I’m kind of in awe of what it’s able to get off my face. I’m hoping this will be my MVP postpartum as well.

MATERNITY SKINCARE ROUNDUP | Viklund Made Brittany Viklund Watercolor Artist Portrait Painter Brand Photographer Interior Styling Motherhood Blog Oklahoma City Custom Wedding Gift Illustration


MEOW MEOW TWEET DEODORANT This has been my natural deodorant go to for a while now, it’s been effective enough for me even during pregnancy (pregnant mamas, you know what I mean!) & I am obsessed with the lavender bergamot scent. The formula is smooth & not scratchy like others I have used. The only drawback is the cardboard tube, but I understand that’s more eco-friendly. Just keep it in mind when you travel with it (I purchased a smaller travel size from them for this reason).

BEAUTY BY EARTH SELF TANNER I used this natural self tanner during the warmer months so I could have a bit of glow but in a natural way. It’s been fine for what I needed it for, a nice subtle touch of color. I find it on Amazon, which is a huge bonus for me.

GLOSSIER BODY HERO DAILY OIL WASH This wash is so rich & lovely; I enjoy slathering it on my body in the shower. It won’t strip your body of natural oils, which is essential to my skin during the dry winter months.

GLOSSIER BODY HERO DAILY PERFECTING CREAM This is my go to lotion, I love the scent & I love the formula. It has a subtle highlight in it as well which looks so beautiful & helps me feel radiant in my preggo body (which is hard to feel sometimes when I am preggo).

MUSTELA BUST FIRMING SERUM I’ve been using this on my breasts whenever I think about it- it’s safe for nursing too. I don’t know what impact it has had yet since my breasts feel like they are always changing but my thinking is- it can’t hurt.

MUSTELA SOOTHING MOISTURIZING BALM This is another lotion I reach for after I get out of the shower, it has the same lovely scent as the stretch mark prevention cream which just makes me feel so fresh.

ZOYA NAIL POLISH (10 FREE FORMULA) If you are looking for a great nail polish that is 10 free this is it! It’s so great for pregnancy! This polish is just as effective as any other polish I have used before & they have a ton of great colors.

MATERNITY SKINCARE ROUNDUP | Viklund Made Brittany Viklund Watercolor Artist Portrait Painter Brand Photographer Interior Styling Motherhood Blog Oklahoma City Custom Wedding Gift Illustration


MOTHER’S SPECIAL BLEND ALL-NATURAL SKIN TONING OIL I have had this bottle of oil since my pregnancy with Buddy, it’s an all-natural toning oil that ranks low in toxicity on Think Dirty. The only stretch marks I got during my pregnancy with Buddy were on my breasts.

BIO-OIL This oil was gifted to me by the company but I know it’s got a cult following. I have transitioned to using this oil actually because of a scar I have on my belly from a cancerous mole I had removed. The mole was about the size of a pencil dot but since having two consecutive pregnancies the scar has expanded to the size of a quarter. I’m hoping this oil will help tone it out a bit as my belly goes back down postpartum. I’m also obsessed with the way this stuff smells (which is why it rankers higher in toxicity on Think Dirty).

HONEST ORGANIC BELLY BALM This balm is so rich and creamy; it’s definitely a great treat for the belly when it is dry & itchy! And since it’s by the Honest brand, it’s full of all good stuff.

MUSTELLA STRETCH MARK PREVENTION CREAM (also available in fragrance free) This is more of a cream than a balm so I use it on my legs, thighs & bum (places where I am less concerned about stretch marks). I personally love the way it smells (& so does my husband) but they offer a fragrance free formula as well for folks who want a more natural product.